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The Origin of Mentoring

The name, 'Mentor,' comes from Greek mythology (Homer's Odyssey). When the King of Ithaca, Odysseus got ready for the Trojan War, he introduced his most trusted friend and guide, Mentor, to his son. He entrusts his friend to support the young prince in his absence, not as a parent but as a guardian, teacher and advisor, who will help the prince face some of the biggest challenges in his life in the twenty years of his Dad's absence.

Since then, the word 'Mentor' has stood for guidance, loyalty and confidentiality.

What makes 'The Nankurunaisa Mentoring Program' one of a kind?

The word, 'Nankurunaisa' is derived from the Japanese language and symbolizes an attitude towards life's journey. It signifies an expression of innate positivity and trust that "Everything will work out in the end". As ancient wisdom, Nankurunaisa can be considered as an affirmation that promotes optimism and conviction in the face of challenges. Most of all, this ideology is profound for its ability to bring about inner energy and tranquillity.

As a Personal Development Trainer, Lifestyle Consultant and Motivational Speaker, I believe that by putting passion, creativity and soul into what we do makes a phenomenal difference in the outcome of our efforts and actions.

What better way to support an individual's quest to make personal and professional improvements and progress than by inculcating in them, an awareness of the the positive approach of Nankurunaisa?

Why should anyone require a mentor?

A mentoring program provides a mentee with the benefit of having a confidant to whom they can ask questions. A mentor can advise, explore options for personal and professional growth and success. The mentee can also enjoy the support of someone with whom they can discuss a problem and expect a patient and meaningful response.

A mentor can promote the depth with which we engage our life and utilize our potential. From developing our personal and professional skills, developing a social network, to identifying abilities that can further enhance our progress, the Mentor can help us focus on what areas need to improve to create a desirable improvement in another area of life. Unfortunately, enjoying a sense of satisfaction in life is not which many are privileged to enjoy despite their excellent health or financial security. Sometimes, thinking of the issues in life and probable challenges in life can create unnecessary stress, anxiety and discontent in life, leading to further distance from purpose and progress in life.

A mentoring program enables a mentee to consider the benefits and opportunities of their life.


The premise of mentoring follows certain mutual expectations and accountability.

A mentor assists the mentee in seeking solutions to face challenges and explore strategies to combat and successfully overcome the roadblocks they face in life.

Techniques relating to NLP, Hypnotherapy, Metaphor Therapy, Counselling and Creativity are incorporated during the sessions to enhance the effectiveness of the mentoring sessions.


The Mentor motivates, inspires and leads by example. The Mentor is one who truly is committed to the mentee's success. With a vision and plan, through effective teamwork, a mentor builds greater confidence and tenacity in the mentee through the mentor-mentee relationship.

The concept of mentoring follows four primary principles –

  • Confidentiality
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Sensitivity


By being a consultant, counselor and of course, a cheerleader, the mentoring program provides an encouraging and supportive platform for the mentee to gain from the interactions and the advice from the Mentor.

The mentoring program follows specific steps and criteria to ensure that the sessions are of maximum effectiveness for the mentee's growth and progress.

  • Orientation (Before the first session)
  • First meeting (Introduction of the mentoring program)
  • Milestone Reviews
  • Periodical Evaluations

Nankurunaisa Mentoring Program - Incorporating Ubuntu Philosophy & Mentoring Principles

The Nankurunaisa Mentoring Program has an emphasis on the South African Ubuntu Philosophy of Mentoring, that is, we are what we are through the interactions, learning and inspiration we gain from others in society. The classic relationship-centered humanistic philosophy of Ubuntu that hails from Southern Africa promotes respect for community, universal compassion and tradition.

To ensure that the program follows the core values of this philosophy (e.g., respect, awareness and cohesion), importance is laid on the cultural integration (comprehension of the cultural context in the mentor-mentee interaction) in the mentoring process for greater effectiveness to the mentee's personal and professional development and growth. When there is a subtle acknowledgment of cultural roots, and heritage in the understanding of a mentee in a mentoring relationship, the confidence in the mentee to develop and reciprocate the efforts by the Mentor is enhanced.

With an emphasis on the principles of Psychology, Counselling, Creativity, Hypnotherapy and N.L.P, this mentoring program seeks to effectively develop individuals, through their self-potential awareness, confidence, skills in communication, leadership competencies and interpersonal dexterity. Each session furthermore focuses on individual excellence, the personal and professional enhancement of knowledge, wisdom and happier living. During the duration of the sessions, there is also conscious incorporation of the value of positive living and practicing healthy habits to promote wellness as a motivation for mentees to attain their goals and lead fulfilling lives. Each session is customized to suit the unique needs and requirements of the mentee. The sessions involve preparation and research to ensure that every meeting is most ideally productive for the mentee's personal and professional growth and progress.

The Nankurunaisa Mentoring Program seeks to promote a mentee's progress, development through implementation of wellness and lifestyle changes. These changes aim to instill an absolute and confident sense of a transformational approach to attain excellence and happiness in both their personal and professional life.


When personal circumstances propelled me to reach a space of emotional weakness and the only way to get better was through professional guidance to regain my emotional strength and emotional intelligence, I started looking for avenues of self-development and growth from the inside out. This is when I came across the opportunity of the mentorship programme by Seetha Sagaran. Her 'Nankurunaisa Mentoring Program', is successfully building my character and personality stronger with every session. I thank Seetha, for being part and instrumental in my growth journey. Seetha is a thorough professional who takes time to understand the needs of her mentee and customizes carefully each upcoming session for the benefit of her mentee. The outcome of consistent sessions is all-round growth with long term impact to empower ourselves to impact our environment positively. I highly recommend this powerful all-round development program to all those who are keen to become the best versions of themselves. Thank you so much for the guidance to look in the right direction!

Michelle – Dubai (November 2020)


Career Development

  • Appreciation
  • Business Acumen
  • Business Ethics
  • Business Etiquette
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Customer Service
  • Teamwork & Team Building
  • Civility in the Workplace
  • Mentoring
  • Delivering Constructive

Personal Development

  • Motivation
  • Realize Your Potential
  • Organizing Yourself
  • Enhancing Self Identity
  • Self Confidence & You
  • Anger Management
  • Attention Management
  • Critical Thinking
  • Goal Setting and Getting
    Things Done
  • Parenting
  • Communication & the
  • The Family & the Special
    Needs Child

Workplace Management

  • Competence Development
  • Assertiveness And Self-
  • People Development
  • Effective Communication
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Personal Branding
  • Time Management


Career Development can best be described as a process through which a person explores career/occupation possibilities and ultimately focuses on the ideal career that he/she is best suited for.

Through maturity, the road to career development will proceed to a predictable path. However, with career guidance and education, one can prepare for a happier and successful profession.

Through our specialized Career Development Workshops/Programs, we enhance the person’s possibilities by carefully taking into consideration factors such as:-

  • The Mental & Physical abilities
  • Socio –economic factors and Personality type
  • Interests and Values

Career Development Workshop/ Program participants are encouraged to thoroughly undergo a self assessment to select a profession that best suits their personal characteristics.

The traditional concept of career has undergone a fragmentation process in the last decade.

Unlike in the past where career was a process that involved a steady progress up the existing hierarchy within an organization, today, thanks to the change brought about globalization and technology, organizations are exposed to change at a faster rate than before.

Thus, employees have to regularly be willing to learn new skills to maintain their position in the company. Today, careers are always in the process of construction and organizations need to invest in the career growth development of their employees through easy accessibility of a structured series of career development workshops/programs.

Some of our specialized Career Development training programs/workshops are: –

  • Assertiveness and Self-Confidence
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Time Management and Negotiation Skills.

By empowering, motivating and helping people develop their inherent potential we instill the confidence in people to become pioneers for creative implementation of ideas in the organization.

This is achieved by making them –

  • Better Listeners
  • Generous in their Appreciation
  • Believe that learning through FUN makes the process faster and more enjoyable.
  • Face Challenges with Faith & Courage
  • Aware that mistakes are stepping stones to success.
  • As passionate about their Work as they consider their Life.
  • The Best they can BE

We take pride in helping a Person to grow into one who feels GREAT in his growth but also believes in the philosophy and value of a TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More.


Dynamic organizations have got employees who take pride in their inputs into its smooth operation and growth – who are happy and proud to be part of their organization – who develop and maintain a close, pleasurable relationship with those around them. Many of the barriers that arise between members of a team stem from a lack of effective communication. All our specialized training programs/workshops on workplace management are aimed at creating better harmony, flexibility and productivity in the work environment and enabling the participants to have the confidence to communicate effectively with colleagues and those above and below.

Some of the training workshops/programs that we offer through our Personal Development series are:-

  • Effective Communication
  • Business Etiquette
  • Positive Psychology in Workplace
  • Body Language and Team Building.

We help you build a better working environment from the inside out!


Ideally, Personal Development is a life-long Continuous Education process, a never-ending pursuit of multifaceted personal growth. It is the process of improving oneself through activities that enhance skills, talents, inherent potential, increased consciousness of the world and motivating themselves to excel.

Our Personal Development Programs/Workshops seek to develop individuals with focus on self-awareness, enabling them to heighten their belief in inherent potentials and skills.

Our goal is to help individuals achieve their dreams by giving them the boldness to explore, be inspired by the environment while excelling as they reach closer to the dreams they have in mind.
The beauty of Personal Development is that the more you invest in yourself, the higher are your chances of making the world a better place to live in.

This process of improving yourself will see you become effectively self-disciplined, motivated and bolder as a responsible citizen of the world and will provide you with the tools and techniques to improve the quality of other areas of your life too. Personal Development is a way of life.

Some of the training workshops/programs that we offer through our Personal Development series are:-

  • Public Speaking
  • Stress Management
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Goal Setting and Social Intelligence.


Founded in 1970, the University holds the position of being the first institution in Colombia that offered an academic program in the subject of Marketing. The Escolme University Institution is also a pioneer in initiating a positive impact on the local students to promote a transformational approach to conducting business.
Wishing the University the very best in their focus on providing quality global education to the youth in Colombia.
To quote Nelson Mandela,
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.


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Report in "Gulf Madhyamam" of 18th February 2014

“Parents ought to be role models for children” – said Seetha Sagaran, an eminent Educationalist.
Children look up to their parents and elders to shape their value system. The life style and social behavior of the parents need to be such that children would see ideal role models in them and would naturally chart a course of justice and social responsibility for themselves during their growing up years.

Ideally, adolescents should see parents as their best friends and guides, deserving total trust and confidence. 

Seetha Sagaran was speaking at a workshop she conducted that was organized by The Ladies Wing of Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre – Dubai. 

Ms. Reena Salim presided over the function. The welcome address as delivered by Ms. Nasiya Shabeer.

Report in "Chandrika-Middle East Edition" of 18th February 2014


“Parents ought to be Role Models for children”

It is highly desirable that parents with children in their growing up years follow a life style and social attitude that would be seen and appreciated by the children as ideally adaptable. In order to ensure that children do not go astray, parents have to win their confidence, become their most trusted friends and guides in life. 

This opinion was expressed by Seetha Sagaran – Trainer, a keen observer of educational trends and an award-winning ToastMaster. She was speaking at a workshop she conducted for the Ladies Wing of Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre – Dubai. The workshop proved to be a very interesting and useful exercise for students and parents alike who attended. A question – answer session followed the main event. 

Families came together to attend the event which was organized by The Ladies Wing of KMCC. Ms. Reena Salim, President of The ladies Wing, presided and Ms. Nasiya Shameer, General Secretary, delivered the welcome speech. A memento was presented to Seetha Sagaran as a token of appreciation. 

Mr. P. K. Anvar Naha, President of Dubai KMCC, Mr. Nassar Kuttichira, Acting General Secretary, Advocate Sajid Abubakkar, Mr. Hanif Kalmatta and Mr. Hanif Cherkkala spoke on the occasion.

Self-Actualization & You

Among the many events in our life, there is none as profoundly significant as the day we are born – or is it? It sure was, for our parents, but, perhaps, not exactly so for the newborn.

A time comes when we are self-pressed for answers to the questions that strike us as fresh air in the morning: What do I want to be? What do I want to do with my life? What will give me happiness? What will give me Contentment? What will give me A sense of fulfillment?

As a Personal Development Trainer, I’ve often been asked the question, “I am not happy doing what I do….what do I do about it?”

I’ve come to realize from this and similar questions that many of us are in this journey of life unaware or unmindful of the purpose of our existence – the delicate, beautiful balance between what we can receive and what we may give. From the time we are old enough to understand, instructions pour in: how to live, what to do, what not to do and so on.

How many of us are asked “What do you enjoy? What are you passionate about? Sadly, not many.

As a child fortunate enough to grow up in not just a loving family environment, but in an environment that encouraged creativity (my Dad used to compliment me on the scribbles and pictures I used to make on our light blue walls of my bedroom!),I realized that one of the primary areas of focus of my pleasure of existence was my sheer enjoyment of life through experimentation, creativity and the freedom to do what I liked to do and be what I wanted to be.

A tad Bohemian approach to enjoying childhood, but today I only have gratitude for the liberty and psychological indulgence I had relished as a child.

There are many who ask, “how come, you chose to be a Personal Development Trainer?”.

It is for the simple joy of helping, encouraging and playing a role in the progressive development of self-confidence in and the realization of goals of as many individuals as I can.

It did take me close to 35 years of existence on this planet to discover what my calling is or what my passion is, but I humbly admit that the wait was worth it! Today, I enjoy my profession with zeal and anticipation. I have no doubts if this profession is my proverbial cup of tea. It is not just my tea, but an integral part of my life - its meaning and thrill.

How many students are encouraged to actively explore what they want to be? How many parents remind their children that proof of best performance is not merely impressive marks in examinations but on how successful they consider themselves to be in the balancing act of integration with the society?

While discussing about personal development, one cannot ignore psychologist Abraham Maslow.


Maslow’s Theory of Self Actualization is one of the most famous on the subject. Its emphasis was not on the intellectualization of our needs but a path-breaking concept that once our basic needs for survival are met, our attention goes to improving the environment around us.

Our survival needs need to be quenched before we move up the pyramid of Maslow’s Self Actualization: Physiological Needs at the bottom, followed by Safety Needs, Social Needs, Self Esteem and finally Self Actualization (at the top).

Maslow observed that a Self Actualizer has a unique set of characteristics that makes the individual different from others.

Typically, this person :

  • Is Genuine. Finds no reason to pretend to be something more or less that what she really is.
  • Is ever willing to respect and accept individual differences.
  • Is humble, creative and has a remarkable ability to appreciate th goodness and positive energy in people around her.
  • Enjoys solitude. Still moments to herself. Still moments to herself. Free time for the mind. It could wander, or, concentrate on a thought strain that had captured its attention.
  • Develops close relationships with few dear and near ones.
  • Rarely conforms to conventional society expectations.
  • Is, by nature, solution-driven rather than problem-centered.
  • Has a disarming, healthy sense of humor.

Some of the well known personalities who are reputed to have achieved a high level of Self Actualization are – Albert Einstein, Mother Theresa, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.

Taking the case of Abraham Lincoln, from his youth, he was known for his exemplary honesty and sense of fairness. He had once wrestled a bully in his town and gone on to earn the name, “Honest Abe”.

As the first American President who was assassinated, he is remembered reverently for his dignified leadership in the efforts of preservation of the Union during the bloody Civil War and his long and arduous years of efforts to end slavery. He rose from impoverished but genteel origins, and epitomized commitment and determination to a noble cause. His writings are a reflection of altruism in the noblest sense.

As an individual who worked his way to the position of a nation’s President, Lincoln is an inspiration to all who would like to be what they want to be.

Here are some of the guiding principles for initiation of a self Actualization program.

  1. Define “Quality of Life” – Yours as well as that of others around you. Optimize the utilization of resources (existing and developable) to improve quality of life continuously.
  2. Value Life.
  3. Respect yourself, respect others. Think, say or do nothing that could earn a protest from the judge within you. Learn and develop a habit of respecting others proactively.
  4. Be creative
  5. Enjoy and Promote Peace. Engulfed in peace, you realize the preciousness of each moment of life.
  6. Broaden your horizon. Understand the importance of being a World Citizen.
  7. Compete with self, and not with others. Develop a thirst for knowledge and enlightenment. Motivate Self Evaluation in identification of improvement.
  8. Practice and promote Honesty and Integrity.
  9. Create strong Work Ethics and sense of responsibility.
  10. Enjoy life with the absorption and delight of a child.

While conventional education, as imparted today, promotes personal growth, it must be acknowledged that it provides very little opportunity or active encouragement in developing a child to her/his potential. We must also acknowledge that the conditioning that we, young and old, experience in the name of cultures and traditions acts as a barrier to the awakening of the world citizens in us.

Primarily, it is one’s own responsibility to achieve and become what one desires to achieve and become. The driving forces are belief in oneself, determination to embark on the path and to continue. The journey towards Self Actualization does not end. En-route, to one’s pleasant surprise, new talents emerge, new abilities surface… discover them, recognize them for their potentials in making your journey more rewarding. Convert them as additions to your already rich reserve of resources.

In the words of Abraham Maslow,

“What a man can be, he must be. This need we call self-actualization”.

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