Beyond Horizons

A Step to Self-Realization

We are all familiar with life enhancing words like inspiration, appreciation, aspiration, courage, determination and so on. But do we truly believe in the true essence of these powerful words?

The depth of our belief in the qualities these words represent enhances our understanding of our life as a member of society. The journey of Self Realization begins the moment we have the desire to understand ourselves, wonder about the purpose of our existence in life, the fulfillment of our potential, realization of our mistakes, the wisdom we have experienced because of our errors In our quest to understand ourselves and fulfill our potential, we may need to reconsider our current comprehension of ourselves, people, the world we live in and what we can do to make our world a better place.

Around 11 years ago, I had observed and understood the world from a very different perspective. My understanding had inhibited my happiness and zest for life, my growth as a person, colored my vision regarding my environment, relationships and so much more.

I was not aware then that –

Refusal to pass judgment based on my limited awareness and knowledge of the situation would enable me to understand better, to contribute to the situation or relationship more effectively.
People are different and their strengths lie in varied facets of their personalities. If we have not been able to recognize their strengths or bring out the best in them, the possibility is that we have not put in adequate efforts in investigating and analyzing those strengths.
Responding to possibilities and opportunities with an open, positive mind with interest and courage enriches and enlightens lives – of ours and others.
Changes are inevitable in our journey through life. What we wish to change within ourselves determines how we react to the changes around us.
It is differences in personalities that make the process of learning from others truly interesting.
Age is an inconsequential criterion in acquisition of knowledge and wisdom. The Child can indeed be the Father of Man. My children are two of the biggest inspirations in my life.
The challenging personalities whom we come across in our lives are those whom we learn the most from or whose impact makes us stronger and better-prepared to enjoy life.
Openness and flexibility help us to communicate better with others. More importantly, they help us to appreciate the beauty of life better.
The larger perception of life enables us to understand that many problems that we consider difficult or impossible to solve are not so bad after all, once we analyze the root causes. Relationships strained by lack of communication are easily restored and strengthened by an active desire at restoration and the necessary follow up.
We can be the change we wish to see in the world through written, oral and verbal communication.
Communication skills are vital for happiness and success.
Listening skills play a valuable role in mutual enlightenment and enrichment.
Consciously being a “person” whom we would like to interact with brings in a tremendous level of consciousness to the way we perceive ourselves and who we wish to be. Our awareness of values and beliefs are enhanced in this state of consciousness.
An open admission of my ignorance in a task to the team members would only heighten their interest to share their wisdom with me.
Each of us have the immense ability, potential and courage to understand and learn from our mistakes and lapses but are we prepared to take the complete responsibility for our actions?

Are we prepared to unlearn many of our beliefs and judgment about people, environment, culture and all the other components that make us currently the person we are?

Our enthusiasm to learn with renewed interest and energy would determine our success in becoming a more positive member of society.

We have the freedom to embark on an exciting journey to Self – Realization today, this second, this minute, this hour.

The choice is ours.

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