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Do You Lead a “Been There…Done That” Life?

The desire to be celebrated or toasted is one of the most powerful needs for many. It is a need that is artfully and effectively manipulated by the media as well.

I remember many years ago, reading an ad for a famous hotel that also had exclusive hotel apartments. It spoke volumes on how important many consider the fame of the place were they reside is.

The little boy in the ad said at the end with a smirk, “Bet you don’t live in a place like this”

The crux of the matter is, if we are led by the desire to live our live to impress others and be in the “Been there…Done that” group, are we likely to be ever truly contented in our life?

Sadly, probably never.

The joy of impressing is inevitably prone to feelings of anxiety. These feelings could also trigger fear of failure to impress in future and an  interest to know about matters of others that would add no value to you other than increasing your level of anxiety or mere enjoyment of gossip.

And the resulting scenario?

A hilarious game of complaining (tinged with jealousy perhaps?) and of course opening the floodgates of the past that brings no positive memories considering the circumstances of your contemplation.

Experiencing the refreshing freedom from this desire to impress is simpler than we may imagine.

If we enjoy making a positive difference to the life of everyone we come across, imagine how much we could help others to grow and become who they are meant to be. Making the efforts to transform someone’s life through an interaction is a wonderful way to reflect on whether impressing others is really all that important.

Take a look around and you will be pleasantly surprised to note the heroes who impress not because they desire so, but because their aim in life is just to be who they are meant to be.

Like in the case of my collegue, Roshni, who has been silently but actively helping the less fortunate with the help of volunteers by providing them with packets of grocery, food items, clothing and so much more for years. Her dedication is nothing short of being inspirational – she neither enjoys talking about the lives she has changed nor does she expect anything for her selflessness.

Another collegue of mine, Aaron, has a unique inimitable charm that endears him in any group he is in. He is the life of the group the moment he steps in – he follows his own beliefs and has a special style of relating to people. The secret to his charisma is his ability to make others laugh and feel happy.

We all enjoy being with people who make us feel good and laugh. These folks make our day brighter and positive.

Developing yourself is a fantastic way to drop out of this rat race of attempting to impress. No matter what work or level of education you have, it is never too late to develop your potential with discipline and perseverance. You would be surprised to note the admiration that comes your way – not because you strive to get what you wanted but because you inspired others through your hard work and encouraged them to focus on their goal in the process.

Have the courage to live your life in your own terms. Enjoy your hobbies and what gives you joy.

Accept others differences with respect. Learning to think and consider another view point would help you grow and be wise – even if you do not agree to their doctrine. You are opening yourself to possibilities of thought and knowledge this way.

Be positive and you’d be surprised at how much energy we radiate into the environment and people around us. Go all out to make efforts to see goodness around you. A kind and generous word of appreciation goes a long way in helping people feel good about themselves.

The proximity of children and an active interaction with them helps us stay clear of striving to impress others. Children are refreshing because they are fearless in their approach to learning and acquiring knowledge. As adults, we can learn a lot from their spirit and attitude to life.

Many of us love to travel for the sheer joy we experience in learning about different culture and races. Travelling is an artful way to learn and overcome our prejudices and false beliefs.

If we keep our focus on the quality of what we do and who we are, we are closer to steering completely clear of the desire to impress others. Work hard, learn and have the spirit to be inspired by other’s achievements and strengths  to become the best we can. It is also a more positive way of focusing our energy than paying attention to others purely for emulating what they do, so as to impress.

Caring for our environment is another positive way of looking at our life and that of the future. Making efforts to keep a healthy and happy environment through the concern for nature promotes the desire to safeguard our world for future generations.

Cherish every moment you have. Good health, a loving family and a comfortable existence are great blessings. Our awareness of these blessings can help us enjoy life better and make us happier, contented and complete.

Our attention to what we do and the environment is vital in our happiness of each day. Placing our phones aside during meal times or while meeting people is a healthy way of helping us become more aware of our role in society rather than by glancing at our phone all the time.

Our belief in ourselves is the first step in knowing that each of us are unique and have many qualities worthy of appreciating. Once we are conscious of this, the desire to impress would disappear. If we know who we are, why would we wish to make efforts to impress and make conscious efforts in getting noticed?

The more we learn, the more we realize how much there is to learn. Humility is a virtue and it evolves from a realistic approach to life and living it in the best we can.

The focus on impressing others would then be seen as nothing but an inconsequential pursuit that is a waste of our time and resources.

As someone wisely said,

“When you come to a point where you have no need to impress anybody, your freedom will begin”.

Enjoy your Freedom.

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