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Facing the “Fear” Challenge (Part-2)

Our ability to experience fear has proved beneficial in the survival of our species. It has clearly enabled us to protect ourselves from danger. Any impending danger is acknowledged by us as a threat to our survival and our response in tackling this danger has determined our ability to overcome the threat. It is only when fear is affecting our ability to be rational and logical in our thought process can we term that our fear is irrational.

However, It is easy to shrug, with the grave risk of sounding presumptuous, comment that the term “Fear” means “false evidence appearing real”. In reality if we are to sensitively observe an individual who experiences fear or if we experience fear, it is indeed very stark and real.

So how can we tackle fear?

Identification of the Fear

The first step towards eradicating a fear is by identifying it.

What is the factor that brings about this distressful feeling in you? Identifying it truthfully would enable you to help yourself to take the first step in removing it from your life. Your acceptance of the fear will give you a sense of power to defeat its grip on you.

For some, avoiding any possible situation that causes the fear in them is a mechanism to protect themselves. For some interestingly, anger is a great mechanism used to confront fear. The first time I had observed this phenomenon was during my childhood. I had a friend whose Father would react violently to his child in case his child falls or trips during play. Whenever the child would fall or hurt himself, the first response of the father would be to spank and yell at his child. This would only then be followed by close attention to his child’s possible injury. His strange behavior would intrigue me greatly those days.

Today I realize that my friend’s caring father, displayed anger as a mechanism.

As a person, he was a good and kind man but stern, seldom smiled and always like to be reserved. With an appearance of being tough and strict, he could perhaps not afford to display his intense concern for their safety.  Through his display of anger, he could prevent himself from exposing his vulnerability of his intense fear regarding the safety of his child.

As an emotion, Anger is sometimes consciously or unconsciously used as a mechanism to convey fear or disturbance in the person. This is so, especially during a situation that may not normally warrant it.

Our Awareness of the Cause of Fear

Our awareness of the factor that causes the fear in us needs to be further analysed by –

1) Tracing the history of the fear-  How long have you carried this fear? When do you recall it’s arrival into your life?

2) The Rationality or Irrationality of the fear – What is the probability of the perceived danger inducing fear affecting you?

Steps to Overcome the Fear

1) Our belief in ourselves play a major role in our behavior and actions in a situation. Thus, should you be telling yourself that a fear is going to affect you, you can be certain that it is definitely going to negatively affect you.

For eg, should you believe that you are going to make a fool of yourself when you introduce yourself to someone, you are already getting stressed and experiencing acute discomfort about the situation that is yet to take place. This will lead to your body and mind getting into an imagined state of stress and thereby preparing you to realize your imagined fear into a state of reality.

Assure yourself that should your introduction to a person not go as well as you like, it is fine. You can always work on improving your introduction skills with care and practice.

Acquisition of Scientific Knowledge on Fear Inducing Subject

Reading in depth on the subject that causes fear is a practical way to eliminate the fear. With the generous amount information at our finger tips today, getting a detailed scientific information on any subject is not a challenge.

Overcoming Fear through Visualization 

Imagine while sitting in your home, you just close your eyes to relax. You begin to visualize a clear blue sky, radiant sunshine, sitting on a carpet of flowers, beautiful and radiant blossoms with their breathtaking fragrances surround you and you can feel a soft breeze rustling your hair….

As you drift into a state of tranquility and relaxation, you are proving to yourself the power of visualization.

Visualization has several remarkable features. The vivid images used in visualization are always positive and goal oriented. There is always a purpose in visualization so as to achieve the specific goal. For eg: In the above given description, the technique of visualization is used for relaxation. Just like attaining relaxation we can also use this technique in overcoming certain fears.

To overcome the instant fear of an insect in front of you, visualize on pleasant factors that always give you happiness. This will help reduce the stress that you would have experienced at the sight of the object causing the fear in you. By using all your senses as you visualize and with regular practice, this technique can be very powerful in helping you overcome fear and the related stress the fear causes.

Stepping up and facing your fear is a fantastic way of overcoming it. Besides many of our fears are unfounded and have no rationality. Keep life simple and uncomplicated.

Never allow fears to defeat our dreams, instead conquer the fears that threaten our dreams.

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