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Hanami – Viewing the Cherry Blossom (Part-2)


The philosophy of Cherry Blossoms is deeply ingrained in the Japanese concept of “Wabi Sabi” or respecting the imperfection and temporariness of life.

There is a quaint old folktale that I have heard about these enchanting flowering trees. It is a tale of a devoted and loving wetnurse who gave up her soul and became a Cherry Blossom tree. Apparently, this doting lady bravely gave up her life saving the child she took care of. Each year hence, on this child’s death anniversary, she would bloom in the guise of a beautiful Cherry Blossom tree.

Cherry blossoms convey a joyful yet thought-provoking reminder regarding our mortality. They are also a reminder for us to make the best of our life. When in full bloom, these trees provide an unforgettable visual to treat to all who gaze at them. In its full bloom state, for those who admire its beauty, it is easy to forget that its ethereal splendor exists for a short period.

If we were to consider our own time on earth, with the joy that the blossoms convey through their bloom, we can compare the philosophy of life to Sakura.

Sometimes, in our quest to make the “best” of life we forget the reverence we need to show time. The respect we have for time can enhance our consciousness of its value in our lives and play a significant role in our appreciation for life, people and existence.

What is stopping us from genuinely savoring every moment we get on this planet? Enjoy our time with our loved ones, instead of sometimes unwittingly taking them for granted unconsciously?

The transience of life requires us to consider the beautiful opportunities that it provides us. By celebrating every moment we get like the Cherry blossoms do, in their brief stay on the planet, we reiterate our respect for our existence. We also acknowledge the humble role we play in the grand Cycle of Life.

Like the springtime that sees these blossoms provide an explosion of colours and beauty, it is by accepting our mortality that we can celebrate with reverence for what we can aim to be too. Time flows, stopping for no one, continuous and with no pauses. Every Cherry Blossom season is a reminder that, what is significant in our existence will be unfolded to us, as we eventually near the completion of our life. Unfortunately, this thoughtfulness that we require in leading our life is realized sometimes far too late.

No matter who we may be, like the Sakura, we are born, we live and we depart. As we live, we experience seasons in life. Seasons that teaches us the wisdom of realizing that joy and absence of joy coexist. It also reaffirms the human belief in hope and renewal.The beauty of the Cherry blossoms can merely be enjoyed for two weeks, after which they wither and their petals scatter the ground below leaving the tree empty.

By paying deeper attention to our life, we can cherish our moments with greater depth and sentiments. We can live with the conviction that we are making efforts to make the best of each day, be the best we can be and help others too in the process.

So that when we leave, we have no regrets but only joy and gratitude for a life well lived.

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