When the ancient Babylonians began the practice of making resolutions for New Year, their hope was based on being able to lead a financially secure life -a debt free life.

Today, we are often asked the question about our resolutions for new year.The intense hype regarding New Year Resolutions is unreal.

Isn’t every day a new beginning?

Every day is promising. We are given 24 hours to make the best of each day.

Why do we have to have wait for a new year to begin our quest on self improvement?

For us to initiate a positive change in us, we can start the process even in the last week in the end of the year. It is our determination to accomplish our goal that matters and not the date we decide to make the change.

Why should the act of announcing or discussing your resolution with others yield better possibility of its successful accomplishment?

The person you owe the most for achieving the set goal or change is yourself. If you value the benefits of the change and enjoy the resulting positive effects, your discussion with others regarding the decision to make the change is inconsequential.

You can effectively work on your desired goal or resolution, keeping in mind the time you have given yourself to achieve it. You are accountable for the success of your goal.

A critical appraisal of some of the factors that can determine the success of our resolution or goal can be helpful.

Have a Definition of your Goal

Have clarity regarding your goal and this would enable you to achieve it effectively.

Importance of Prioritization in Goal Selection

Avoid having numerous goals that you need to achieve. Ideally have two or three and those that follow the top three in your list, base it on the importance each have for you.

Believe in the Essence of Optimism

We may think of achieving a goal or resolution we set for ourselves by aiming to “try our best”. We would self sabotaging our achievement of that goal by “trying”. Think positive and just have the “I will” attitude and avoid the pitfalls of thinking “I think” “I will try”.

Keep it Realistic & Achievable

We may have lofty things to do or resolutions to achieve, but keep it realistic.

Imagine a scenario where as a non athlete, you really wish to participate in a marathon and the one you have in your city is a 42 km one. It would be an unrealistic goal of yours to complete this marathon without physically preparing yourself  for the task ahead months in advance.

In this case, the mere desire to participate in the marathon is not good enough to take part in one spontaneously.

Your goal or a resolution needs to be realistic before you plan to accomplish them.

Writing your Goals help

I personally recommend this technique as it is one that has helped me. Writing your goal or resolution would help you stay on track especially if you make a note of the dates that you may need to complete the task by splitting into easier portions. For eg: If you are writing a book, you can always create a timetable that specifies the dates on which you will complete a specific number of chapters.

Manage your Time Effectively to Achieve your Goal/Resolution

Plan a schedule of things to do in your day based on priority and then make the time regularly for the resolution or goal you have made to happen. For many, exercising is an activity they may wish to do regularly without interruptions. This is possible, providing effective time management is implemented.

Exercise & Meditation

Regular exercise, yoga and meditation are some of the regular energy boosting activities that would trigger your feeling of well being. And once you lead an active and positive lifestyle, your determination to achieve your resolution or goal gets energised.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet with lots of vegetables, fruits and proteins and accompanied by an excellent water intake is a great way to be fit. Keeping yourself hydrated, healthy and along with regular exercise, you would feel motivated to stick to your efforts in achieving what you have set out for.

Regular Sleeping Schedule

Last but not least, a regular sleeping habit is critical to help you feel refreshed and active to make the best of your day and achieve your goals or resolutions. For many, an 8 hour sleeping schedule is significant for getting recharged but there are some who can thrive on less and feel great to face a new day.

The key to achieving our goals or resolutions is our determination to dedicate our time and efforts in making them come true. It is the day that you decide to set forth on achieving what matters to you that counts. A mere day or a specific month of the year has no significance unless we decide that it will be so.

Wishing you all a Fabulous Year and Years Ahead!